The SWITCH Event

I had the privilege of working with Christina, and she is someone that I thought you had to meet. She is creative and has the heart for helping others. Oh, let me tell you that she is oh so creative and comes up with the coolest ideas.

I thought it would be fun for you to read about her latest project. It is a reminder to each one of us to overcome any fears we have and pursue our passion.

God is with us and faithful to guide our steps!


Imani Daniel (left) and Christina McSwain (right) - Tale of 2 Thrifties

We are Imani and Chris, best friends turned business partners. We are haute hunters. Thrifter sisters. Curators of pre-loved pieces. We're the girls that make defining style moments happen, in part because we know (and choose!) great clothing, but more than that, we create connection. Together, we own “A Tale of 2 Thrifties” a (forthcoming) online retail store that offers the best in preloved clothing.

For more of our story, take a look at our intro video:

"If it's in your heart to do, do it."... - Christina McSwain

"If it's in your heart to do, do it." That's where I am today. Actually, it's where we've been for the last three years. Our knack for style + our love...

SWITCH is a clothing swap event, and it’s our first in-person experience. It’s an opportunity for us to bring together the things we love most: beautiful women and fabulous clothing. The idea behind a clothing swap is that women are able to shop from each other, while passing along items that they still love, but no longer wear. The purpose of it is twofold: it’s a practical exercise in terms of smart “shopping” , for little to no cost; Also, it’s a great exercise in connecting with other women by sharing items personal items and the stories behind them.

We’re hosting SWITCH because this work, this audience, and this marketplace matters to us. We know that we’ve been graced in a very specific way around women, specifically to connect with them and serve them by way of fashion. Since we’ve identified this as our sweet spot, it allows us to explore and get creative with ways to engage in a unique and fun way.


No matter what your passion or gift is, there is room for it. Once you fully embrace whatever your thing is, settle in to it and allow yourself the space to explore every possibility.

We’re learning lessons in starting small, embracing where we are and using what we have. We know that God honors that. We understand that our current position and reach won’t be where we remain, so we’re intently watching our own progress and doing what we can to keep making steps, no matter how small they may seem.

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If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you do NOT want to miss this. We will see you there!















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