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Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others?


EX-POSE your story to us and it may be selected as a featured story in our blog.
(guidelines listed below)


Do you want future stuff from us? If so, let's connect. EX-POSE your name and email address to us.

Story Guidelines EX-POSED:

1. Tell an encouraging story about something that has happened to you. Your story should be written in the first person and should be about yourself.


2. Tell your story in a way that will encourage others.


3. Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart. You would be surprised of how many people will be able to relate to you.


4. If you do not wish to use your real name, use a pen name for your story.


5. Keep your story to 1200 words or less.


6. Your story must be true. No fiction, no creative writing.



What not to EX-POSE:

1. A sermon, an essay or eulogy. We want a story about you!

2. We do not want stories submitted that are placing blame on others or speaking negatively of someone else. We want a story about you!

3. A term paper, thesis, letter or journal entry. We want a story about you!

4. About politics or controversial issues. We want a story about you!

5. A biography or testimonial. We want a story about you!

6. Stories that are not true. We want a story about you!



If we choose your story to be featured in our blog, we will notify you by e-mail and request your permission to share it. We will never feature or share anything without written permission from the author.


If your e-mail address changes after you submit your story, be sure to let us know by emailing us at blog@exposedonline.org.


We can't wait to read it!


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