By Erika

I have a question for you. Are you living to work? Let me be more specific.

Are you working long hours telling yourself it’s going to change, and five years later you’re still in the same situation?

Are you working years without time off?

Are you sending emails to your clients or employees late at night?

Are you constantly checking emails while having dinner with family or friends?

Do you feel guilty for saying no to working late so you can spend time with your family?

Are you feeling burn out? Are you living to work?


Recently, I received some unexpected news about a family friend who died tragically. He was the kind of person that all you had to do was call and ask for help and he was there. During my last conversation with him, he talked about how much he worked and often without a day off. He made a choice to do it for years but I’m sure if he knew his life would end so quickly, he would rethink the choice he made to work constantly. I remember encouraging him to take time off work to rest and enjoy his family and friends. He responded and said, “I know that I need to.”


I’m not suggesting that people should not work, never work overtime, or quit their job. I’m a firm believer and scripture tell us, “that when much is given, much is required.” (Luke 12:48). I am saying that we should make sure the choices we’re making now would make our future self happy. I’m suggesting we look at our life to see if work consumes us, our only friends are co-workers, and our ministry outreach consists of work emails during late hours.


I’m suggesting that we do a random check-in with ourselves and ask the question, “Am I living to work?” If the answer is yes, ask God to guide you to your purpose and help you restore order in your life.

I’m praying this week that we have the strength to make the tough decision to set boundaries, to protect our relationship with Christ, our time with loved ones and friends, while honoring our responsibilities at work.


Can you relate to this week’s blog? If so, share your story.

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