Who We Are

Illuminating Light On The Importance of Nurturing Our Mind, Body, and Spirit

EX-POSED was created out of my personal journey from trauma and pain to healing and standing firm on her faith.

Today, I continue my journey of healing my mind, body, and spirit and here, I want to share not only my personal story but want to provide a safe place for anyone who might have a story to tell. Whether you are at the beginning of your process, or have the wisdom of years behind you and can share your encouragement with others, this is the place for you.

I'm Erika! Yep, I’m the woman who allowed shame, guilt, fear, and people-pleasing to control her life for years. I was the person who knew how to dress up the outside, but on the inside was broken, insecure, and wounded by my past. One day, I decided that I wanted something different for my life, so I shined a light on dark areas, and that's when my healing journey began. I realized in order to be made well, I had to focus on healing my body, mind, and spirit. 

My husband, Cedric has a giving heart. He enjoys working out and spending time with family. He's the man he is today because he was willing to EX-POSE truth in areas that he struggled with and decided to create something positive out of his disappointments.

Together, we have a family of 6 (Us, Xavier, Michael, Sierra, and our dog, Rocco)! We enjoy life together and look forward to all the great adventures ahead of us.

Our Vision

Illuminating Light On The Importance of Nurturing Our Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Company’s vision is to make a positive impact in one person’s life at a time through shared experiences, resources, training, and events that encourage growth and healing with the body, mind, and spirit.


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